We are very pleased to announce the implementation of a new and more progressive dues structure (see chart below). Our previous structure tied dues rates very broadly to status. This meant that junior faculty often paid the same rate as their most senior colleagues and that non-tenure track faculty often paid a higher percentage of their salary in dues than full professors. This system was always a source of concern to the UFWW executive board, but it was also the result of structures imposed upon us by our affiliates. We have always owed a great deal to our affiliates for their tremendous support of UFWW and now we owe them additional thanks for their flexibility in allowing us to pilot a new dues structure that is progressive in nature. The new UFWW dues structure uses broad salary bands to determine dues categories. For the first time this ties our dues directly to compensation instead of rank. Now only those making higher salaries will be paying the top category of dues. As you can see below, this means a rate of less than 1% for virtually every member and significantly less than that for most members.

United Faculty of Western Washington (UFWW) 2021-2022 dues rates and structure:

Category Annual Salary # of Deductions Periodic Rates If 2 periods per month, monthly amount Annual Dues Annual Local Dues
A $ 75,000+      18  $50.06  $100.11  $901.00  $50
B $ 60,000 - $ 74,999      18  $42.94  $85.89  $773.00  $50
C $ 50,000 - $ 59,999      18  $35.89  $71.78  $646.00  $50
D $ 40,000 -  $ 49,999      18  $26.44  $52.89  $476.00  $50
E < $ 40,000      18  $16.94  $33.89  $305.00  $50

Faculty on quarterly contracts pay the lowest rate (category E) per pay period

Did you know? You can deduct dues and initiation fees for union membership on your federal tax return!