Freedom Foundation Information

We’re writing to let you know that WEA is joining a lawsuit filed by other public sector unions to stop the release of personal information through public records requests. We contacted you a while ago noting that this release was legal, citing a recent Washington Supreme Court ruling. However, an injunction has temporarily blocked the release of personal information, citing concerns regarding potential acts of domestic violence against people who are in hiding from abusers. The case will be heard in court over winter break.

Though an injunction prevents this release for now, the best long-term strategy is to pass a law preventing our personal information being released at all. If you haven’t done so already, please contact your legislators and tell them to pass HB 1888 which would prohibit releasing the personal information of public employees.

WEA is committed to protecting your privacy rights. The concern is that by securing birthdate from a public agency, in this case, the Department of Retirement Systems, those obtaining the information could cross match it with voter records to identify each person’s address. This was specifically what the Freedom Foundation claimed it would do in the original case before the state Supreme Court. It is their intent to use this information to harass public sector union members at home with their anti-union, anti-public education propaganda.

Send a message to your legislators now to pass HB 1888 to put a stop to this dangerous practice.