6.1  The University will provide to the Union a roster of all bargaining unit members for the fall, winter, spring and summer quarters within 15 business days from the beginning of each quarter. The list will include, but is not limited to, the date of hire, percentage of FTE, job title, department, and (with the faculty member’s permission) available home addresses and home phone numbers.

6.2  The Union and its direct representatives have the right to use University facilities on a space available basis for the purpose of holding Union meetings and conducting Union business, subject to University policies and procedures and payment of charges for use of the facilities, if any.

6.3  The Union has the right to lease office space on campus, including charges for a telephone/fax line and internet access, for the duration of this agreement. The University will determine the reasonable amount the Union will pay for the resources. The request shall be pursuant to the University’s facilities use policies and procedures.

6.4  Union officers and direct representatives have the right to make de minimis use of University campus mail, fax machines, and the internet for the purpose of bargaining and implementing this Agreement. The Union shall be provided with a designated mail stop. The Union may use copiers to copy materials needed for the administration of this Agreement provided that the Union complies with University payment policies.

6.5  The Union has the right to purchase course releases for the Local Union President. After reviewing staffing viability with the affected dean(s), the Union may purchase course releases for other Union members. The cost to the Union of such releases will be based on past practice negotiated by the Provost and UFWW President. The Union shall reimburse the University within 30 days of receipt of the bill.

6.5.1  The UFWW President shall be paid a stipend of $3,500 during the summer, half of which will be paid by the University for work required by the University and half to be paid by UFWW for responsibilities representing the Union and its employees. Whenever possible the timing of summer work must be mutually agreed upon between the UFWW President and the Administration.


6.5.2  The University shall provide two course releases for the Union to assist the Union’s efforts to advance the mission of the University outside the collective bargaining and grievance processes.


6.6  In the interest of promoting sustainable practices, the University will post a copy of this Agreement on the Human Resources website. The University will provide copies of the contract to individuals charged with administering the contract.


6.7  Faculty members who are Union officers, delegates, or alternates shall be allowed time off to attend Union-sponsored meetings, provided the time off does not interfere with University operating needs and does not disrupt the faculty members’ teaching or librarianship responsibilities. Expenses incurred will not be reimbursable by the University.


6.8  The Union shall be furnished a copy of the agenda and other public information assembled for the regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees. These materials shall be provided at the same time they are provided to the public. The Board of Trustees Rules of Operation apply to participation in Board meetings.


6.9  The University will provide space on existing bulletin boards in each major academic building for the posting of official notices of the Union regarding Union meetings or elections. Material posted on the bulletin board will be appropriate to the workplace, politically non-partisan, in compliance with the State’s ethics laws, and be signed and dated by a duly authorized representative of the Union. The University may remove any posting after 45 days.


6.10     Payroll Deduction


6.10.1  The Union shall have the right to have deducted from the salary of its members an amount equal to the fees and dues required for Union membership. Dues deductions shall begin upon written authorization by the faculty member. At the beginning of the fall quarter, but not later than September 15th, the Union shall provide written notice to the payroll office of the Union’s dues for each level of membership for that academic year. Dues deductions shall be made in equal installments throughout the academic year, with deductions beginning with the first payroll immediately following timely submission of the deduction authorization.


6.10.2  Once a faculty member on a non-tenure-track contract has had deductions taken, any deductions in subsequent quarters shall automatically begin with the first pay period.


6.10.3  Deductions shall remain in effect until such time as the individual faculty member is no longer an employee of the University, or until revoked by written authorization to the Chief Steward of the UFWW by the individual faculty member.


6.10.4  Dues deducted shall be remitted to the designated Union representative not later than ten (10) working days of the issuance of the payroll checks, along with a complete list of enrolled members and the amount deducted.


6.10.5  The Union will indemnify and hold the University harmless against any liability which may arise by reason of any action taken by the University to comply with the provisions of this article, including reimbursement for any legal fees or expenses incurred in connection with such action.


6.11     Representation Fee

6.11.1  The Union has enacted a representation fee. The University shall collect the representation fee according to the provisions of RCW 41.76.045 (2).

6.11.2  If a faculty asserts a right of nonassociation based on bona fide religious tenets or teachings of a church or religious body of which such faculty is a member, they shall pay to a nonreligious charity or other charitable organization an amount of money equivalent to the union representation fee. The Union will follow the process specified in RCW 41.76.045 (3) to determine the actual charity or charitable organization.

6.12     Service to the Union shall be counted as service to the University and be evaluated as such.