24.1     The University maintains three official files for each faculty member:

24.1.1  A professional record file in the office of the Provost;

24.1.2  A personnel file in the office of the dean of the appropriate college;

24.1.3 In the office of Human Resources, payroll, benefits and confidential medical files maintained in accordance with state and federal law, including compliance with HIPAA.

24.2     Access to Official Faculty Files

24.2.1  Faculty members shall have the right to examine their own individual files and may request a copy of those files, in accordance with state law (RCW 49.12.240). The University may charge a reasonable fee for copying any materials beyond the first copy requested by the faculty member or his/her representative. Faculty members may place in these files a response to adverse information regarding performance or discipline that may be contained therein.           Faculty members may examine internal peer evaluations included in their files only after a final decision is reached for that review (after all appeals), and only before their destruction according to the University’s Retention Schedule. Faculty who wish to examine internal peer evaluations make this request to the dean of their unit, who will work with the faculty member to find a mutually convenient time and a secure and private setting in which to view the records. Internal peer evaluations are not part of the official file and may not be reproduced; however, notes may be taken. A faculty member may choose to bring another person to assist in the examination of internal peer evaluations.

24.2.2  A Union representative, with written authorization from the faculty member concerned, and subject to the University’s duty to provide for security of the records, may examine and receive a copy of all or part of the official files of that faculty member. The faculty member and/or representative may not remove any contents. A copy of the signed authorization form shall be retained in the faculty member’s personnel file.

24.2.3  Upon request, a faculty member involved in any capacity in an EOO investigation will receive a confidential briefing by EOO staff on the status of the investigation. The Union President will be notified by the EOO of such a request.

24.2.4  University access to official faculty files shall be restricted to University representatives who have a legitimate need to know. External letters of evaluation, when required, are confidential to the extent allowed by law.

24.2.5  The University shall not release evaluative material from official faculty files, unless permitted by state or federal law. The University shall notify a faculty member in writing of any requests under public disclosure laws for information from the official faculty files at least seven calendar days prior to releasing the information.

24.2.6  The University shall not include material in the faculty member’s official files unless the source of the material is identified, subject to state and federal laws protecting confidentiality.