17.1     Appointment

17.1.1  Department chairs are appointed upon the joint recommendation of the dean and department based on the process established in the department and college evaluation plans, and subject to approval by the Provost. The appointment is for a fixed term set by the college.

17.2     Evaluation

17.2.1  Based upon input from the department faculty through the process described in the department and college evaluation plans, the dean shall periodically evaluate the chair and meet with the chair to discuss the results of the evaluation. Based on the evaluation, the dean and the department chair jointly develop performance goals. If during the term of the appointment, the chair fails to fulfill responsibilities outlined in 17.3.1, the dean may remove the chair.

17.2.2  In faculty review processes such as Post-Tenure Review, the teaching or librarianship, scholarly or creative activity, and service achievements of the chair will be assessed proportionally to the position appointment.

17.3 Responsibilities and Leadership Role

17.3.1 The chair, with appropriate consultation with department faculty and staff, is responsible to the department, the college, and the university for performing the following duties:

  • Recommending appointment of new faculty and staff, including opportunity hires;
  • Administering the space and equipment allocated to the department;
  • Budget management and authority;
  • Addressing student and faculty concerns by using the relevant university procedures;
  • Administering faculty and staff development and performance reviews;
  • Reviewing and evaluating faculty tenure and promotion cases;
  • Developing and maintaining departmental records;
  • Managing the department’s resources;
  • Providing information to the dean in a timely manner for use in personnel and departmental resource decisions; and
  • Other duties assigned by the dean.

17.3.2 The chair, with appropriate consultation with department faculty and staff, also provides a leadership role in the following areas, as defined by the department’s evaluation plan:

  • Faculty teaching assignments and workloads;
  • Course scheduling;
  • Curricular planning; and
  • Effective communication within the department.