15.1 The Patent and Copyright Policy [POL-U4520.03] is hereby modified and incorporated by reference into this Agreement as Appendix A. Except for changes required by external agencies, law or regulation, or court decision, the Union will be given notice of proposed changes and the opportunity to bargain over those changes.

15.2 The Union and the University reaffirm the rights of faculty as described in PCC GUIDELINES FOR ALLOCATION OF COPYRIGHT [POL-U4520.03]. The Union and the University agree that faculty shall have exclusive rights to all copyrightable material that is not work for hire. Material is not work for hire if it is produced within the scope of a faculty member’s normal responsibilities. Such material created by the faculty member remains the intellectual property of the author/inventor/creator, regardless of whether it is stored in paper or electronic form in university-owned cabinets, computer files, course management systems, course delivery systems or electronic storage devices. Works for hire are the result of a faculty member having been commissioned in writing by the University to produce a specific work that is explicitly out of the norm of regular duties as defined in the Agreement.