13.1     The University and the Union are committed to the principle of equal employment and educational opportunity as expressed in various state and federal laws and in University policies, including, without limitation, laws and policies on prohibiting illegal discrimination, sexual and other harassment, and bullying. See relevant policies: “Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Prohibiting Discrimination and Retaliation” (POL-U1600.02); “Accommodating Persons with Disabilities” (POL-U1600.03); “Preventing and Responding to Sex Discrimination, Including Sexual Misconduct” (POL-U1600.04): “Implementing Affirmative Action Program” (POL-U1600.05): and “Prohibiting Intimate Personal Relationships Between Supervisors and Supervisees” (POL-U1600.06). See also Appendix D – Code of Faculty Ethics. University policies on these subjects are published on the university website. The University agrees to give the Union at least 30 days’ notice of changes and/or additions to these policies and/or the additions of new policies and the opportunity to bargain over these changes and/or additional new policies.

13.2     Faculty who violate policies and laws referenced in Section 13.1 are subject to discipline as described in Section 19 and have rights to Union representation and grievance procedures as described in Sections 19 and 20.